SIGLEX-MWE Section Constitution

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1. Statement of Purpose

The Multiword Expressions (MWE) Section is a Section of the Special Interest Group on the Lexicon (SIGLEX) of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL). The goals of the SIGLEX-MWE Section (henceforth referred to as the Section) are:

2. Relation to SIGLEX

All activities of the Section are subject to the approval of the SIGLEX elected officers (henceforth referred to as the SIGLEX board). Unless specified differently in this constitution, the Section conforms to the SIGLEX constitution.

3. Membership

Membership is free and open to anyone interested in topics related to multiword expressions. Membership is obtained automatically by selecting the MWE section while registering to SIGLEX. A Section member must provide at least his/her full name, affiliation, scientific profile and an email address, which must be up-to-date. Membership can be terminated either according to the SIGLEX constitution or by the Section’s Standing Committee upon a majority vote if a member does not comply with the current constitution or with the ACL anti-harassment policy.

4. Standing Committee

The Standing Committee (SC) of the Section is composed of five officers:

The SC officers must be members of the Section and have published research work in topics related to multiword expressions. Additionally, some criteria that could be used to nominate an officer can include geographical distribution balance, gender balance, scientific excellence, diversity and multilingualism.

5. Standing Committee Duties

The duties of the SC are:

6. Changes to the constitution

A change to this constitution may be initiated by the Standing Committee or by any other group of 5 members of the Section. Applying the proposed change requires an approval of the SIGLEX board.

August 23, 2017